Black and White Photography - Microphone
February 3rd, 2017

Allow me to reintroduce my self…

Well, I am alive and still working, you wouldn’t have known that if you paid any attention to my site. Things have been pretty stagnant on here, and that sucks. BUT THINGS ARE ABOUT TO CHANGE.

So… when I first started this site I made my self a bunch of promises. I wanted to post my design projects and my photography on a constant basis but CLEARLY that has not happened. Its not like I stopped design and photography, I just did not post it. I really do enjoy keeping up with this blog but I also enjoy Netflix haha…from here on out I am going to get back into it. I am setting a goal for my self at least one post a year…just kidding. I am going to do one post a week and from here on out. This site will become my own creative journal.

Oooh, it feels good to write that down. Now it’s time to get busy.